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The new "Design Center" will be located into "Mirafiori" area, as a consequence of the recent acquisition of some ancient industrial buildings by local authorities (City of Turin, Province of Turin and Region Piedmont) . The project originally envisaged its location at Vitali Site, along Spina 3. The "design Center" will arise onto an area of around 15,000 mq. The project entails some specific interventions, which imply the realization of: spaces for didactic purposes (in particular, a dedicated area for the new course of study of "Industrial Design", offered by the Polytechnic of Turin), some laboratories, a dedicated library (specialized in design issues and in the evolution of this discipline) as well as some exposition spaces (for both temporary and permanent exhibition, for instance "Piedmont Turin Design") and finally, a meeting hall (with a capacity of around 400 seats) together with a restaurant area.

Vitali SitePlanimetria dell'intervento

Vitali site, with a surface of around 12.764 mq, is located in the north-west area of Turin  and is limited by four important road axes: via Verolengo, via Orvieto, corso Mortara e via Borgaro. The project aims to recovery this site, by replacing the obsolete  industrial buildings with new  structures, related to the handicraft activities, which should then have a slighter impact  on the environment. The City of Turin has been working in order to answer to a twofold question: first of all, in order to dispose of a qualified and revitalized area in a relatively brief delay; second, in order to locally upgrade the productive system.


Immagine virtuale del progettoEx-Savigliano Area

The recovery and revitalization project for the “Ex-Savigliano” industrial area
aims at the creation of  a complex takeover structure, possibly able to answer at the same time  to the needs of both  traditional productive activities and to the  innovative ICT ones. The main activities are related in particular to the implementation of services  and equipments for the enterprises, - both the new-coming and the already existing ones.

Planimetria del progettoEx-Fert Site

The area concerned within the project is located exactly where the ancient lower building of the cinematographic factory rose, more precisely it stands in the urban zone among Corso Lombardia, Via Terni and Via Forlì. This site has already been subject to some requalification works and there actually is the  Virtual Reality & Multimedia Park”, Scientific Telematic Park for Research, Development and Spreading of new multimedia technologies.


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