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logo Comitato Promotore GalileoGalileo Promoting Committee

Galileo Committee is born in 2003 with the specific goal to propose a serious candidature for the City of  Turin as official venue for this  European Agency or at least as one of the site, where its infrastructures will be placed. 
Galileo is a European initiative which has a twofold objective:

  • to give a European contribution to the future world navigation and satellite system (GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System);
  • to provide industries, companies, citizens and European civil society with high technological services in order to make the European system much more competitive at the international level.

Turin seems to have a strong concentration of actors with specific skills in the space, telecommunications and information technology market sectors. 
Galileo Committee has been constituted with the participation of the following institutions as official promoter: the City of Turin, The Province of Turin, The Region Piedmont, the  CCIAA, as well as the operational organ FinPiemonte; here, there is a technical-scientific work group, where the University of Turin, the Polytechnic and the National Institute “Galileo Ferraris” are actively involved.  The contribution by enterprises and research centers of the territory is also welcome.

immagine di fibra otticaFondazione Torino Wireless sito esterno

The Turin Wireless Foundation defines the strategic lines of the Cluster and coordinates its activities, guaranteeing coherence and integration of the ICT development policies of the territory. Specifically, Turin Wireless Foundation seeks tofoster the development of a center of excellence in R&D and higher education, with, among other things, a particular focus on intellectual property. It also aims at promoting enterprise acceleration in order to create new start-ups and spin-offs and support the growth of innovative SMEs . Finally it assure financial support for enterprises, by stimulating private and  public investments. The Foundation's mission is to create and support the technological Cluster favoring the synergy between public and private players in Research, Entrepreneurship and Finance.

foto di satellite in orbita sulla TerraAerospace Committee

Aerospace Industry represents a high-technological market sector, able to generate positive relapses upon other strategic productive sectors in Piedmont. This segment actually absorbs  10 thousands work places in more than 100 enterprises. According to the importance of supporting the strengthening  and the development of Piedmont’s economy  and even evaluating the possible positive relapses onto research, innovation and production systems, the Region Piedmont, the Province of Turin, the City of Turin,  the Chamber of Commerce, Finpiemonte, the Industrial Union of Turin and Federapi have founded a specific promoting Committee for  the realization of an Aerospace District. This Committee, which is a non-profit institution, aims at promoting the construction of a network, as representing the first step for the start-up of an aerospace technological District in Piedmont, just beginning from the detection of the territorial “excellencies” and facilitating communication among these strategic resources.

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