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The VR&MM Park is a technological park, constituted by local authorities in Piedmont thanks to a big funding from the European Union in the framework of a complex project: the Technological Park Project.
The VR&MM Park is well equipped with vanguard technologies for audiovisive production and post-production as well as for research in the multimedia field: its main goals are related to the promotion and development of technological, economic and cultural contents for multimedia, paying particular attention to the use of virtual reality applications. The park represents a big “case” for technologies, projects and professionalities and the activities are developed through four specific axes : New Media, Virtual Reality, Art & Communication, Format Lab and Training. This organization works on the one hand as a special observatory, on the other hand as a laboratory for the implementation of projects and prototypes. Just in the context of this laboratory the applications are tested in order to get to an evaluation of their market sustainability . The park also works as a training centre for multimedia experts.

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The Environment Park consists in a technological district in the name of environment and innovation and it represents an original experience in the panorama of scientific and technological parks in Europe, just by bringing together enterprises and research agencies specialized in technological innovation and eco-efficiency. In order to benefit from the enormous potentialities of communication and information technologies, Environment Park has decided to direct more and more of its efforts towards these sectors, creating a synergy between the Environment and ICT. The Park plays a prominent role in transferring advanced solutions and innovative technologies to the small and medium sized enterprises. Through special projects, specific training activities and the organization of thematic events, Environment Park fosters the diffusion of significant “best practices” in the sectors of eco-efficiency and ICT. In addition, it offers support activities for the founding of new enterprises, by providing consulting services during the start-up phase. Environment Park is now a consolidated reality at national and international level thanks to the numerous enterprises and specialized laboratories installed within its 30.000 sqm area, the European research and development projects initiated and the constant collaboration with research centers and universities. The Park is a member of IASP (International Association of Science Parks), of APSTI (Italian Association Science and Technology Parks) and of the Kyoto Club (a non profit association for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions).

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The  Bioindustry Park Canavese is a thematic centre located in the Canavese area which aims at promoting and developing biotechnological research. The Park believes that Life Science Technologies are strategic for the socio -economic development both on a local and global scale. Their integration with existent electronic and information technologies will lead to determine a range of solutions, which satisfy the needs of man and society in accordance with legal and ethical norms. Furthermore the Park believes that it is necessary to encourage the relationship between business and research sectors in order to translate scientific discoveries into innovations so that everybody will profit from them: all this can be managed by stimulating collective projects of Research and Development, by translating the results into patents and innovations and finally by  encouraging transfer technology process. It can also be important  trying to support the creation of new companies through the creation of infrastructures as well as  spreading all information and knowledge for an effective analysis of technologies and their productive potential. Therefore the  general mission of the Park consists in creating a link between University and Private research as well as assisting the start-up, spin-off and growth of innovative Companies and providing incentives for R&D and technology transfer activities by offering scientific services and know-how. The Park has been constituted  for national and international small and medium-sized enterprises who want to set up research and experimental production in the chemical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, veterinary, food, cosmetics, bioengineering and bioinformatics and information science fields. It gives priority to small entrepreneurs and researchers wishing to undertake innovative projects.

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